Egyptian Tomb Explorers

The children of year 3 became explorers and bravely went inside an Egyptian tomb! ‘Howard Carter’ led them to discover what lay behind the tomb seal. It was dark and Howard had to carry out a candle test. The wait was worth while because the tomb was full of ‘wonderful things’. Everyone enjoyed studying the ancient artefacts and the importance of the tomb was realised when Howard revealed the golden mask of Tutankhamun.

Have a look at the pictures on the Sway

A Few Reminders For Term 5 – Blyton Class.

I hope you have all had a fun-filled Easter holiday and have found some time to complete your key skills – see the Easter Key Skills Blog to complete the Easter story quiz.

Key skills needs to be handed in on a Wednesday along with your reading record.

PE will be on Thursday and Friday this term.

I’m looking forward to an exciting term with you all!

Thank you

Mrs Chisholm



Giant Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Year 3 have been working on instructions – we practised the movements for the game of Giant Rock, Papers, Scissors and played against each other. Then using imperative verbs, time connectives, adverbs and prepositions, everyone wrote a set of instructions.

Have a look at the photos on Blyton’s Sway – link in blue below.

Have you challenged anyone to a game?

Giant, Rock, Paper, Scissors Photos





Easter Key Skills

We have had a very busy term with lots of great learning. To finish our RE learning, read the information sheet about the Easter story (this is in your key skills book) then complete the questions below (click on the red text). Some will focus on your comprehension (basic understanding of the text), some will be inference based (a conclusion you have made using clues from the text) and some will be about the structure and language used in the text. Good luck!

Easter Story Quiz

Please note, the answers which require a word/sentence response might show as incorrect if you haven’t used the identical words submitted by us. Check carefully and if your answer means the same as our response then award yourself a mark.


Swimming on Tuesday Morning!

Hi all,

Every Tuesday for this half term we will be going swimming.
Just a quick update of the things the children will need to bring with them.
ALL children must have a swimming hat.
ALL children will need a towel.
Boys will need to bring suitable swimming trunks – not shorts
Girls will need a one piece swimsuit
No goggles will be needed.
Please bare in mind that the children’s outfits will be wet after swimming so please provide a suitable bag to carry their swimming equipment in.

Any queries please check the parent mail previously sent out about swimming and the equipment needed.

Thank you
Mr L