We Love a Challenge!

The year 3 children are enjoying their time in year 4 this week. Miss Vokes, Miss Harris and Mrs Chisholm have been really impressed with the resilience and resourcefulness displayed throughout the team building activities.

Have a look at the structures made from spaghetti and marshmallows. We also set a challenge to design a basket that would keep an egg intact when dropped from a height.

The heat is on!

Two weeks before the end of this school year!

Next week is transfer week and the children will spend three days with their new teacher – exciting! We have artwork, bread making and music to look forward to on Thursday and Friday.

The following week, we have the talent show and there will be several year 3 children performing in the finals – what a talented year group we have!

The sun has got its hat on so we all need to have hats and water bottles in school. Don’t forget to apply sun cream too.