Hot Seating

Hot seating: placing one person in role under scrutiny – usually done by seating the individual and directing questions at her/him from the group.

We interviewed our very own Mr Fox and the three farmers, Bunce, Boggis and Bean.

Mr Fox

How did you feel when the shovel came through your home?

” I wasn’t expecting anything like that to come through my home, it was frightening!” shouted Mr Fox.

“I was actually quite scared and my wife was running around crazily,” explained Mr Fox.

Was it hard digging with your injury?

“Not really but I forget it’s not there and try to wiggle it and then it hurts,” answered Mr Fox.

What did you think when the ground began to tremble like an earthquake?

“I was petrified because I thought my home would collapse!” exclaimed Mr Fox.



Why are you so mean to Mr Fox and his family?

“He is stealing my chickens,” Mr Bogis responded angrily.

Why don’t you keep yourselves clean?

“We don’t like washing ourselves,”  explained the three farmers.

Why can’t you share your chickens with Mr Fox?

“Because I will starve!” Boggis reported with his mouth full of chicken.

Do you think Mr Fox is clever?

“No! He is stupid because he is stealing our food and we will kill him!” aggressively shouted Bean.

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